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# iOS Tools for Windows
This project provides a Windows binary distribution of [libimobiledevice]( and it's associated tools.
With these tools, you can deploy and run `.ipa` files from the command line on Windows, as well as stream logs and inspect devices.
## Prerequisites
You will need a copy of the iPhone Developer Disk, which can be obtained in one of 3 ways:
- Locate XCode on a Mac, and copy the DMG out of the application package.
- Download the XCode archive from the Apple Developer site, and extract the DMG out of the application.
- Download the DMG files directly from
Once you have the DMG and signature for your target device, run:
ideviceimagemounter <PATH TO DMG>
## Deploying an IPA file
To deploy an IPA file, use:
ideviceinstaller --install <PATH TO IPA>
## Running an application
To run an application, use:
idevicedebug run <BUNDLE ID>
Note that this will not give you most logs from the application, so separately you should also do:
idevicesyslog --process <PROCESS ID>
An example, with each command being run in it's own window:
idevicedebug run com.example.MyApp
idevicesyslog --process MyApp
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