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This guide tells you what you need to do in order to contribute merge requests to Redpoint Games' projects on GitLab.

1. Link your GitLab account in the License Manager

Make sure your GitLab account is linked in the License Manager.

2. Sign the Copyright Assignment Agreement

You or someone at your company will need to sign the Copyright Assignment Agreement before your merge request can be reviewed. This needs to be signed by both you and someone at Redpoint Games and can take a few business days, so do it sooner rather than later.

3. Grant Redpoint access to your forked repository

Due to quirks with GitLab's permission system, when you make a fork we don't have access to it by default.

You need to go into the Project Members page of your fork and add the @redpointgames group as a Maintainer of the project. Project sharing on is currently broken. Instead of sharing with the group, you'll need to grant @hachque and @RedpointBot Maintainer access on your fork.

This will allow us to pull your changes and push back any modifications that are necessary before merging.

4. Discuss with us before sending your merge request

Make sure you reach out on the Discord to coordinate your merge request with us. This will allow us to tell you when we expect we'll be able to review it, and to make sure your approach is generally correct before you implement your changes.

5. Implement your changes

Make your changes in your fork.

6. Check tests and auto-format your code

Some repositories have automated tests and some repositories have code formatting / style guidelines. Make sure you merge request complies with both of the following before submitting:

  • You've run .\BuildScripts\Format.ps1 in the repository, if it exists. You can also set up clang-format within Visual Studio and install the "Format on Document Save" extension which will help keep your code compliant with the styling at all times.
  • You've run .\BuildScripts\Build.ps1 -ThenTest in the repository. Check the .gitlab-ci.yml file for the specific arguments you can use with this; usually you just need to pass -Engine for the engine version and -Distribution for the distribution to target.

Once you submit your merge request, we'll also try to run the automation tests against it once the code passes review. You should still run the tests locally to pick up any bugs before that though, since it avoids going back and forth with you if the tests fail on the build server.

7. Submit your merge request

Once you've done the above and implemented your changes, submit your merge request.